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Our Success

ABOC is proud of the many successes enjoyed over the last 21 years. These includes:

  • ABOC Holdings is a group of fuel retailers with a combined total of over 90 years of experience in the fuel retail and convenience industry.

  • Currently operating four high profile service stations within the BP network.

  • The common focus and current structure allow ABOC to pool resources and draw on each other's strengths to achieve operational excellence.

  • As retailers, they have been recognised and awarded numerous high-performance incentives. 

  • A combination of in-house-developed systems and external service provider management and control systems enable the company to manage multiple businesses efficiently.

  • They have a track record for mentorship and general empowerment within the fuel industry.

  • Through the ABOC structure, they have already successfully produced two 100% black-owned sites in the BP network. This was recognised by the industry and opened by the then Minister of DMRE: Minister Dipuo Peters.

Our Outlook

ABOC’s focus is growth and expansion, with a focus on increasing the number of fuel stations in its portfolio. Through operational excellence, good governance, innovation and sustainability – ABOC will relentlessly continue its focus on transforming retail operations in the fuel and oil sector.

The key tenets of our work is:

  • Mentorship and strong team building at all services

  • Safety and sustainability of the stations

  • Regulatory compliance

  • A focus on customer satisfaction

  • Operational Excellence

Need more details? Contact us

Want to learn more? Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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